Fr. Mary Bastian

The defence minister at that time was Athulath Mudali who admitted to the Bishops of Sri Lanka that he had made sure that the naughty boys who were involved in the murder of this priest had been transferred from Mannar.


Fr. Bastian Educational Assistance Scheme

This project was born during the time of Fr. Bastian and it was named after him soon he was killed in his parish house at Vankalai. He was brutally murdered and his body too was removed from the parish house. As Fr. Bastian was involved in his own way in helping out the poor children in their education and showed a special interest in helping the poor.

BEAS was established to reach out to the most marginalized children from each parish from the dioceses of Jaffna and Mannar. (Fr. Bastian was a Jaffna Diocesan priest but worked in Mannar)

A group of priests, nuns and lay people joined together in establishing this noble project to reach out to the poorest children in memory of this priest who is a “ lover of the poor ”.

We have two projects:

If any one wants to help us in this project, please contact the following address:


Human Development Center, HUDEC Caritas


Sri Lanka.

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