Rev. Jeyarajasingham

Reverend Jeyarajasingham was a Methodist pastor in is Murunkan, Mannar district. The Methodist church has a youth farm at Pariyarikandal. As he was involved in youth ministry,the military was not happy with his ministry.

He had also a Youth Farm at Pariyarikandal, Murunkan. He had the interest of the ordinary people at heart and worked closely with the community of Murunkan.

There is a connection between the murder of Fr. Bastian and Reverend Jeyarajasingham, the Methodist Pastor in Murunkan. The following paragraphs give detailed information on it.

“ Fr. Jeyabalan Croos, the present parish priest, had known Fr. Bastian since 1966. He had also been one of the first ones on the scene after the killing, and had helped translate when eye witnesses had recounted the story to Police ”.

According to him, end of 1984 had been a bloody period in that area and Fr. Bastian was at the fore front of trying to protect the people. Two incidents that may have prompted the military to kill Fr. Bastian may have been the fact that he had taken photos of bodies after a massacre of large number of civilians in the nearby Murunkan town and that he had buried the body of Rev.Jeyarajasingham, a Methodist Priest of the area who was also killed.

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